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PT Inti Agro Solution is the One Stop Solution for you to source Agricultural Products from Indonesia. We always ensure the best quality for the products we will offer to you

Our superior products are coconut derivative products and authentic essential oil products from Indonesia

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The most reliable partner for sourcing agriculture products from Indonesia

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We have worldwide partner so that we can distribute our products all over the world


we always prioritize transparency, so that all parties will feel safe and comfortable

Global Coco Sugar are focused in produce and export derivative coconut products from Indonesia. Global Coco Sugar superior products are coconut based sweetener such as coconut sugar, coconut syrup, and coconut nectar. We offer Organic, Kosher, and Halal Coconut Sugar. Besides that we also produce and export another coconut derivative products such as Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), Desiccated Coconut, and other derivative coconut products.

Global Essential Oil are focused in produce and export authentic essential oil from Indonesia. We Produce various essential oil from Indonesia. Our specialities products are patchouli oil, citronella oil, nutmeg oil, clove oil, agarwood oil, aniseed oil, etc. We are very flexible to do custom specification of products. Our main facility located in Sukabumi, West Java. However, we also have other facilities almost in all over Indonesia. is a product built with a passion to change the way people view food and health. We have a strong desire to inspire positive changes in people's eating patterns, especially the stigma of healthy living that is attached to living without sweet foods. speciality are coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, lemon extract, apple vinegar, and arrenga sugar. can help your lifestyle to diet and lose weight effectively and optimally